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  • αL3 (Alpha Lipid Lifeline)

    αL3 (Alpha Lipid Lifeline)

    New Image International has more than 27 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of colostrum products.

    Its flagship product αL3 powder has fast become a number one choice in health drinks. Used throughout Australasia and Asia, this unique formulation tastes great and supports a happy and healthy lifestyle. Live to the fullest every day.

    αL3 features an exclusive patented coating of added complex lipids to support the solubility of colostrum. While other colostrum powders may clump together and be more difficult to mix and drink, αL3 is smooth and tastes great.

    αL3 powder is uniquely formulated to contain (per serve):

    • 2 grams of colostrum
    • 3 grams of protein
    • Vitamins and minerals
    • 1 billion CFUs probiotics
    • 800 mg of calcium per serve (equivalent to around 3 glasses of milk)

    αL3 powder is suitable for everyone, from children to grandparents. It naturally contains important components of colostrum – called growth factors – and phospholipids. It provides almost the recommended daily intake of calcium.

    • Supports healthy ageing
    • Assists immunity for everyday wellness
    • Helps mood balance
    • Helps maintain healthy teeth and bones
    • Supports healthy tissues and muscles
    • Support for your body’s healing and repair processes.

    A daily dose of colostrum is a great choice and an easy and convenient way to enjoy good health.

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